• Strong Washed Resin Ribbon for Textile

    Strong Washed Resin Ribbon for Textile

    1、Excellent Print Quality on Textile Materials 2、Superior Scratch & Smear Resistance to washing,drycleaning,and ironing. 3、Withstands extreme heat, dry cleaning,and industrial solvents 4、 Steam Resistant
  • Near Edge Resin Ribbon

    Near Edge Resin Ribbon

    1、 Superior Heat, Abrasion & Solvent Resistance 2、 Wide Label Compatibility 3、 Low Static Ink Formulation 4、 For use in Near and Corner Edge barcode label and tag applications
  • General Purpose Resin Ribbon

    General Purpose Resin Ribbon

    1,Superior Heat,Abrasion& Solvent Resistance 2,High Density Print 3,Low Static Ink Formulation 4,Outstanding Value in the Resin Category 5, UL Recognized