• Wash Care Label Resin Ribbon

    Wash Care Label Resin Ribbon

    1、Excellent Print Quality on Textile Materials 2、Superior Scratch & Smear Resistance to washing,drycleaning,and ironing. 3、Withstands extreme heat, dry cleaning,and industrial solvents 4、 Steam Resistant
  • Near Edge Resin Ribbon

    Near Edge Resin Ribbon

    1、 Superior Heat, Abrasion & Solvent Resistance 2、 Wide Label Compatibility 3、 Low Static Ink Formulation 4、 For use in Near and Corner Edge barcode label and tag applications
  • Color Thermal Transfer Ribbon

    Color Thermal Transfer Ribbon

    1. High opacity, vibrantcolours 2. High resolution,good printing of small characters and find lines. 3. Good mechanical resistance against smearing and scratching 4. High sensitivity for increased print-head life 5. Very flexible, good results on all type of paper, cardboard and synthetic substrates
  • General Purpose Resin Ribbon

    General Purpose Resin Ribbon

    1,Superior Heat,Abrasion& Solvent Resistance 2,High Density Print 3,Low Static Ink Formulation 4,Outstanding Value in the Resin Category 5, UL Recognized
  • Super Premium Wax/Resin Ribbon

    Super Premium Wax/Resin Ribbon

    1、Resin-like performanceat wax/resin imaging properties 2、Superior Heat, Abrasion & Chemical Resistance 3、Low Printhead Energy Requirements 4、Excellent Image Density & Edge Definition
  • Premium Wax/Resin Ribbon

    Premium Wax/Resin Ribbon

    1、 Plug & Print Compatibility 2、 Superior Heat &Abrasion Resistance 3、 Wide Label Compatibility 4、 Low Printhead Energy Requirements 5、 Excelletnt Image Density & Edge Definition 6、UL Recognized
  • Standard Wax / Resin Ribbon

    Standard Wax / Resin Ribbon

    1、 ExcellentImage Darkness 2、 High-LevelDurability 3、 Wide Label Compatibility 4、 Low Printhead Energy Requirements
  • Premium Resin Enhanced Wax Ribbon

    Premium Resin Enhanced Wax Ribbon

    1、 Excellent Image Density 2、 High-Level Durability 3、Wide Label Compatibility 4、 Drop-In Replacement
  • General Purpose Wax Ribbon

    General Purpose Wax Ribbon

    1、 Excellent Image Density 2、 Low Printhead Energy Requirements 3、 Wide LabelCompatibility 4、 High-Level Durability 5、 Drop-In Replacement
  • Eco Wax Ribbon

    Eco Wax Ribbon

    1、Reliable,Economic Printing Solution 2、 Works well on Low-End Substrates 3、 Good Scratch and Smear Resistance 4、Print speeds up to 8 ips